Varicose Vein Medical Procedures

varicose vein medicalNow this page is NOT for the squeamish.

I have spent a bit of time researching on YouTube to try & find the various varicose vein medical procedures that can be undertaken when trying to deal with Varicose & Spider veins.

Below are all the ones I could find to give you a proper idea of what happens if you go down this route.

The extent of the treatment or Varicose vein medical procedure will rely greatly on the extent of the ‘issue’….but these will outline the sort of techniques used & give an indication of how evasive they are.

Basically, once you have read/watched the below videos, my guess is that you will first want to find another method to deal with the spider veins!! asking, do varicose vein creams work? & if so what is the best varicose vein cream? or what are the best online varicose veins creams?

Failing all that……feel free to enjoy the below!! – Brace yourself !!


YouTube Videos About Varicose Vein Procedures:



So there you go….lots of information in respect of Varicose Vein Medical Procedures that are available & used to treat this condition. Feel free to check out some of my other information – Varicose Veins & Circulation and if the procedure videos have put you off going down that route, then why don’t you check out our review post about a cream that could help (& involves no ‘surgery) – Venorex Review.

If you are still hungry of information, here are some links to various websites that should be able to satisfy your curiosity/quest for knowledge:

The NHS – Varicose Vein Treatment

WebMD – Varicose Veins Procedures

MedlinePlus – Varicose Procedures & Treatment