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Venorex Review – Varicose Vein Miracle ?

venorex vein cream costs

Official Website – Venorex Varicose Vein Cream


Review Update:

22nd January 2017 – Just discovered how to get:
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In today’s World, so many things revolve around appearance…..I find it quite sad.

venorex creamReally people should be worried about what is on the inside, the real person & not so much on the ‘outside’ – your appearance or ‘look’.

BUT, alas that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What makes it worse, is that as we get older, there are even more things to be concerned about in respect of your appearance.

One of these is the appearance of Varicose Veins on your legs !! & this isn’t just a ‘getting older’ thing…they can appear when you are younger for a variety of reasons including pregnancy….so nobody is safe!

Well, something new has appeared on the market which may be able to help – Venorex Varicose Vein Cream ……or to give it its full official title – Venorex Varicose Vein Defense Cream by Revitol (that is a mouthful!!).

The things it claims are pretty impressive, so decided to take a closer look & report my findings here – This is my Venorex Varicose Vein Review to see if it is the best varicose vein cream?

Not looking for a review/extra info? Then go here:  Venorex Varicose Vein Cream – Official Site


revitol varicose vein cream

Should we worry about Varicose Veins?

The symptoms are as follows:

  • aching, heavy and uncomfortable legs
  • swollen feet and ankles
  • muscle cramp in your legs
  • dry skin and color changes in the lower leg

In fairness, none of these are life threatening….but can be uncomfortable & moreover, they are unsightly – which is why I assume you are reading this.

They are also an indicator that maybe you need to make changes in your lifestyle if at all possible e.g. Diet & Exercise. Obviously, this isn’t possible for everyone (age, fitness or disability may come into play).

There are a variety of different ‘types’ of varicose veins –  the main ones are here & link to authority resources if you want to do a bit more of your own research – Varicose Veins – General     Types – Trunk & Reticular & Telangiectasia

Before I go any further, check out the video below which can be found on the UK NHS Choices website….

Varicose Veins – An Animation (NHS)

Venorex Review – My Findings:


What is Venorex Varicose Vein Defense Cream (VVVDC)?

Firstly, it’s a cream.

It’s Non-Greasy – Contains No Fragrance – Is Paraben Free

…..& it contains an ‘Exclusive Vein Healing Complex’.

Any the Wiser? – Nope, nor am I!

It is what is claims it does that I am interested in – and check out the stats below!!! – They are incredible!

89% Decrease in the Appearance of Varicose Veins

95% Decrease in the Appearance of Spider Veins

87% Decrease in Appearance of Broken Capillaries & Red Blotches


Now I think you will agree, the above claims of Revitol & Venorex are pretty impressive! but, do varicose vein creams work?


What is in Venorex Varicose Vein Cream (VVVDC)?

I have no idea – sorry.

As yet, I haven’t found the page where they list the ingredients. As soon as I do I will post my findings here.


What are people saying about Venorex Varicose Vein Cream (VVVDC)?

At present.

Not a lot.

This product has literally just been launched. There are no real reviews out there yet. As they appear (as I am guessing they will!!). I will post them here.

The only Venorex reviews I could find were actually on the Venorex website & I assume were from some pre-launch reviewers (I can’t say I usually take note of those type of reviews – but they are below).

venorex review


What is the cost of Venorex Varicose Vein Cream?

Like a lot of Co’s nowadays, they want your details before you get to see the prices….I have always found this annoying so I took a note of the costs when I ordered it for myself (& this review), so if you wanted to buy Venorex there would be no surprises.

Revitol do what I find is quite reasonable, which is a ‘More You Buy – The More You Save’ policy. They have always done this & it saves all the hassle & time wasting crawling the web for a discount or coupon code…..they just don’t exist.

1 Month’s Supply – $39.95 

2 Month’s Supply + 1 Month Free – $79.90     – 34% Saving

3 Month’s Supply + 3 Month’s Free – $119.58    – 50% Saving


All these prices are available direct from the Venorex official website – link at the end of the review.

*Update – 18 Mar 16* – Check out the ‘Best Offer’ Trick instructions at the top of post as while it exists the prices above are effectively irrelevant


What can it do for me?

Well, if what they claim can be believed & let’s face it, they can’t just make those figures up – Then this cream is nothing short of revolutionary or a minor miracle !!

Revitol as a brand has been around for years and I personally have never had any issues with their products in the past. So have they got one of, or the best online varicose veins creams?

Their sales tagline seem to be:

Better Than Laser? – Injection Free Solution For Healthy Skin
Amazing New ‘Hollywood Secret’ – Makes Appearance Of Veins Disappear


The big take away from this is what can only be described as a MASSIVE reduction in any signs of Varicose Veins & associated disorders (spider veins & broken capillaries).

I assume over time as more & more people use it & post their experiences and results, we shall see just how effective it is…..but quite frankly the claims are impressive enough to make most people want to try it regardless!


Are there any side effects using VVVDC?

Again…..this is so new that I could find no information. I obviously checked the Venorex Official website but any reviews they show I would be very surprised if they weren’t all 5 star.

All Revitol stuff is approved by the relevant Govt. Dept & I have no reason to believe that this would be any different. I am sure the reviews when they appear, will identify any issues.

BUT – It’s a cream. It’s not some experimental hormone injection!




I don’t have one at present as it is just out! – Literally.

The verdict I want is obvious, like most people reading this…. & like I have said before, even if it works half as well as it claims then this cream will be fantastic & will end up being a top seller, no question!!venorex review

I have just ordered it, I will try it & I will report back here when I have something to say.

What will you do?

My guess is that if you have read this far down, you are liking what you hear then you will take the plunge like I have……it just sounds great & if it works, it will be one less thing to worry about! & I am all for that.

Thanks for reading….


Update – 22nd Jan17 – As described above – Use this trick now for ‘One One Get One Free’ & ‘Free Shipping’ before they change it!!

Update 22nd Feb 16 – As described above, try the  ‘Best Offer’ link – A lot of the time all links will go to the same page & the offer is the same for everyone…..but sometimes they switch it off in which case use the ‘Best Offer’ link. 

Want to read more? See our aicle here – Varicose Veins and Circulation



Vaginal Varicose Veins – How To Deal With Them

This a subject that generally isn’t openly discussed – no surprise there really.

But the good news is – Yes, you can reduce symptoms and relieve the pain of vaginal varicose veins.

vaginal varicose veins


You’re also not alone if you have them. While vaginal varicose veins, also known as vulvar varicosities, are not widely discussed, many pregnant women experience vein swelling in the vulva or vagina.

We have a whole post concerning Pregnancy and Varicose Veins.

This condition usually happens in pregnancy due to increased pressure on your pelvic floor combined with increased blood flow. The result is the vagina or vulva developing varicose veins.


Common symptoms of vaginal varicose veins include:

– Pain in your vulva
– Feelings of pressure or fullness
– Discomfort and swelling

In extreme cases, the dilated (full) blood vessels start to resemble swollen and dark purple veins, even reaching the point where they look like large earthworms.

How can you prevent this condition from getting worse, reduce the swelling, or maybe even heal it? Treatment generally follows five main points.


Compression support garments

Wearing an abdominal band that has groin bands for compression therapy is key to support and treat vaginal varicose veins. Direct compression force on your vulvar or vaginal varicosities helps prevent swelling, puts support on your swollen veins, and helps keep the blood moving in the area of the pelvic floor in order to prevent varicosities and pooling.

Some support products also have shoulder straps in the system, which is even better — they give your abdomen a lift, further lowering pressure on your pelvic floor.


Avoid long periods of standing

The second step is to avoid standing around for long periods of time. Try to take regular breaks that relieve pressure in your pelvis, this can be as simple as a short period of lying down or sitting.

If your job requires you to stand up, wearing compression supports during working hours is even more important. This will help counteract pressure from the baby’s added weight, combined with gravity, putting downward force on your varicose veins.

Ideally, ask your employer to give you periods of time where you can change from standing to sitting. If possible, lie down here and there for 10 minute periods during the day.

Of course not all jobs will allow this, but since you are pregnant, the rights to safety which apply to you at your job also apply to your baby. Have your obstetrician provide a note which states your needs and give this note to your employer.


Elevate your hips

While lying down, put a pillow under your bottom to elevate your hips. This will help improve the flow of blood in your pelvic floor area, reducing swelling to the veins.


Use cool compresses

Also when you have a chance to have a lie down, put some cool compresses on your varicose veins in order to reduce swelling and ease your pain. Be sure the packs are cooled to refrigerator cool rather than being frozen so that they feel relieving and comfortable.


Avoid heavy exertion or lifting heavy objects

While this can be difficult if you have a toddler, you should try to keep away from lifting heavy objects. When talking with your toddler squat down instead of lifting them, or sit down and then ask them to sit down on your lap in order to talk.

Ask someone else for help to lift groceries or similar heavy objects.

In general, ask others for help!

Often women are used to being helpers rather than asking for help, but as a pregnant woman you must take care of yourself. Plus, you might make someone’s day when you reach out to them and ask them for help.